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Yu-Min is a Taiwanese graphic designer based in Germany.
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Selected works:

  1.     Fragile Video, Publication
  2.     Limbo Poster
  3.     Butterfly Dream 2019 Publication
  4.     The Metaphors We Design Publication
  5.     Relative Deprivation poster
  6.     A Risograph Experiment publication
  7.     Art book v1: Still lifes publication
  8.     Butterfly Dream publication
  9.     NN infographic
  10.     Simplicities  Publication
  11.     Pick Food Up identity
  12.     Where am I poster
  13.     Wild Herbs identity
  14.     I’mPerfection identity
  15.     KISD Parcours poster
  16.     Un- photography


Starting from defining what enclosure means, the project attempts to loosen the concept of fragility through a performative video and documentation. 

—school project

—Editorial design
—Video editing



“An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.”

—personal project  
—Graphic design

(Butterfly Dream 2019)

Inspired by the story from Zhuangzi, the iconic Daoist philosopher in ancient China, the project proposes an unconventional way to interpret the renown Daoist philosophy.

—Bachelor thesis 
—Design research
—Book design
—graphic design

(The Metaphors We Design)

The proposal analyzes the use of metaphor in design domain through the theories of linguistic studies, aiming to challege the old positions and develop a new role for metaphor in design.

—thesis proposal
—Editorial design
—Digital design

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